Silke Reuthlinger, HipChicksOut Founder

HipChicksOut, a social group for women in Denver was founded in 2005. Since then HipChicksOut created a variety of events including Happy Hours in over 30 of Denver’s chic and hip venues, Kickball Tournaments, Golf and Bike Outings, Pride parties. Recently HipChicksOut created a weekend in San Diego with activities like surfing, Kickball for Charity and comedy show. We love to mix it up!

Most recently we brought back HipChicksOut Crashers. We pick places usually a martini lounge or similar to that atmosphere. After an exclusive email announcement, women come out and mingle. The idea is to explore new places in a group; almost guerilla-style. It is always a blast noticing the puzzled looks and turning heads when the HipChicksOut group “takes over” a most-of-the-time straight establishment.

HipChicksOut received a best of Westword award for The best-no-boys-allowed parties and also presented a fundraising event with the lovely Pam Grier from the L-word where we were able to raise over $10,000 for The Urban Farm.

Dare to have fun… Join us!